Jan Spyridakis is a Professor in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington. Dr. Spyridakis has a Ph.D. in Educational Curriculum and Instruction. She directs the Internet Based User Experience Lab. Jan was Chair of HCDE from 2008-2014, serving as chair when the department changed its name, culture, curricula, and research agenda from Technical Communications to HCDE. Her research focuses on the effect of document and screen design variables on comprehension, perceptions, and user behavior; the refinement of methods for remotely assessing users and readers of online information; and the development of WebLabUX, an Open Source toolkit, to support remote user assessment.


See Jan's Publications for more information. Jan conducts research on the effect of information design on user comprehension, perceptions, and behavior. Her most recent publications concern the relationship of technical communication to human centered design.


Jan has taught courses on a variety of topics, including research methods, international communication, written and oral communication, and style in writing. She has also supervised the engineering communication program.


Jan frequently consults in industry where she analyzes stakeholder needs, and designs and delivers courses on effective communication in professional contexts. She has consulted with over 30 companies or government agencies.

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206-543-2567 (main office)

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